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When messages saved by MsgSave are saved in .msg format, the email AND its attachments are saved in a single file. When you open the saved file again it opens in an Outlook window just as the original would and you can still access the attachment from there.
(see below)
(see below)
On the Options tab under Message Options you can configure MsgSave to save both the message and attachments together, both in separate files, just the email body or just the attachments.
This is usually due to the email being in HTML format. When an email is in html format and has images in that html, these are also saved as attachments. This is a feature of Outlook, which counts the images as attachments to the email rather than as part of the message body.
MsgSave works with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007/2010/2013 (32 bit only).
It does NOT work with Outlook Express.


MsgSave 5 is an Outlook addin. It only works on Windows with Outlook.

Compatibility testing has been carried out and MsgSave is now supported for Outlook 2010 and 2013 (32 bit).

MsgSave is not currently supported for 64 bit versions of Outlook.

Compatibility testing has been carried out and MsgSave is now supported on Windows 8.

No. MsgSave is not compatible with Terminal Server.

Download the installer from http://www.msgsave.com/download.aspx
Save the zip file to you local hard disk.
Extract the contents of the zip file.
- running the installer from within the zip file can cause problems.

Before running the installer:
Turn off UAC (do not use – Run as Administrator)
Make sure the users account is set to Administrator
Make sure that all instances of Outlook

No. MsgSave will operate correctly if installed for a Standard User but some, more restricted, user types do not have the required permissions to run MsgSave.

In order to do this you need to:

  • assign the user to the Administrator group,
  • login as that user and run the installer.
  • login as Administrator and set the user back to whatever group type they were before

If you try to install by using Run As Adminstrator then MsgSave will not install correctly.

Known Problems
When upgrading from MsgSave v5.1.3.1 to v5.2.0.0, you may receive an error `Unable to complete as a newer version is already installed`.

The suggested workaround is as follows:

Close Outlook.
Uninstall MsgSave v5.1.3.1 from the Windows Control Panel.
Re-run the setup.exe installer for v5.2.0.0.

Uninstalling Msgsave should not remove the MsgSave data files so the new installation should use the same

We are aware of a problem where MsgSave disappears from Outlook following the installation of the
2018-07 Security and Quality Rollup updates for .NET Framework.  Currently, the problem has only manifest on Windows 7 64-bit systems.

Microsoft have issued fixes to resolve this, please see 2018-07 Security and Quality Rollup updates for .NET Framework.

In the event that you are not


Check if you have multiple instances of Outlook running.
Close Outlook,
Open Task Manager and select the processes tab,
Search the list of processes for OUTLOOK.EXE,
If it is in the list select it and click ‘End Process’, then restart Outlook.

Check if Outlook has disabled MsgSave.
In Outlook 2003 go to Help -> About Microsoft Office Outlook -> Disabled Items.
In Outlook 2007 go to


This problem is caused by the installation of certain other applications such as Autodesk DWG Trueview which create a conflict in mscorlib.dll.

If you have DWG Trueview installed, try uninstalling it and then re-enable MsgSave in Outlook.

If you do not have DWG Trueview installed but you do have other Autodesk applications installed, try uninstalling them one at a time until Outlook can


If you get this message when trying to save from your primary mailbox then check that your email account Mailbox name matches your Data File mailbox name.

You can check this by using the 'Mail' icon in Control Panel.  Click on the 'E-mail Accounts...' button, select the default account and make a note of the name at the bottom of the 'E-mail' tab i.e. the location where the selected

The most likely reason that MsgSave is not saving all Mapped Folders is that the settings file is corrupt.
Take a copy of the MsgSaveConfiguredFolders.xml file and then delete the original file. You should find it in the following location:

Vista/Windows 7: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Sarcophagus Ltd\MsgSave\
Or C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Sarcophagus Ltd\MsgSave\
XP: C:\Documents and
The most likely reason that MsgSave is changing to Trial is because the hardware fingerprint is changing. This can happen if you sometimes use different network connections to connect to the internet (eg: wireless, wired LAN etc.).
Please contact support to resolve this problem.

MsgSave does not access email addresses. This appears to be a problem with XP and Office 2003 and is still under investigation.

This can happen if you install MsgSave without closing Outlook.

Do the following:
Make sure Outlook is closed.
Uninstall MsgSave ( Open Control Panel, open Add/Remove Programs, select MsgSave and click th UninStall button)
Reboot your machine.
Then re-install MsgSave

Select Tools-Customize from the menu.
In the following dialog select the toolbars tab. Select ‘Standard’ and click Reset and the old MsgSave button should disappear.
N.B. if you have any other COM Add-ins which install buttons to this toolbar, they will also disappear

This has been fixed in v5.1.2.5
Please download the latest version.

There are a number of problems that appear to be caused by the installation of a backup utility called Carbonite.

These include:

  • System Exceptions
  • persistent hourglass when using MsgSave
  • MsgSave hangs

The solution to these problems in addition to uninstalling Carbonite may require some or all of the following:

  • Run Repair / Reinstall .Net  2.0 Framework
  • Run Repair Windows


This exception is thrown if

  • a folder has been selected in the explorer tree,
  • MsgSave is closed,
  • the folder is deleted on disk
  • and then MsgSave is re-opened

This bug has been fixed in the latest release.

Your licence may become invalid if MsgSave is unable to connect to the registration server.

MsgSave uses a web service to connect to the registration server. If this fails you it may be because you use a proxy server to access the internet.

Please speak to you Network Administrator to setup MsgSave with your proxy settings.

This problem can be identified by examining the log files.
The log files: MsgSave.log and MsgSave2.log are stored here:

Vista/Windows 7: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Sarcophagus Ltd\MsgSave\
Or C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Sarcophagus Ltd\MsgSave\
XP: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Sarcophagus Ltd\MsgSave\

If there is an exception thrown in the callback function


If an error is caught in the GenerateMailboxList function relating to BCMMS.DLL

This appears to be caused by a conflict with an Outlook 2010 facility called Business Contact Manager.

In order to resolve this issue remove the link to Business Contact Manager.

This issue is not specific to MsgSave.

When saving messages as HTML either using MsgSave or directly from Outlook they are saved as RTF instead. Attachments get embedded in the message and images are removed.

This issue relates to MS Exchange 2013 in online mode. For the latest information see:


If you get this message when trying to save from a non public mailbox then your mail profile may be corrupt.

Close Outlook.
Open the Mail facility in Control Panel, remove your current mail profile and then recreate it.

Other Information
Click here for links to external shareware site and directories.
Previous Versions
Version 4 support ceased on the 9th of February 2009 and email notifications were issued to all customers.
Version 4 has been withdrawn from sale and replaced by Version 5.
MsgSave version 4 is no longer supported.
However, you can view the version 4 FAQ here.
Registration and Licence Management

Once you have downloaded and installed MsgSave, open Outlook and click on the MsgSave button.
A reminder window will be displayed. Please make a note of the hardware fingerprint shown at the bottom of the window.

When you purchase a Licence you will receive an email with instructions for registering MsgSave (normally within a few minutes but it can take longer).
Keep this email somewhere safe you

First send us an email and we will issue you a discount voucher.
Purchase your new licence
open Msgsave
click on the 'About' tab
click on the 'Remove License' button
close MsgSave
Open MsgSave, you should see the reminder window.
Click on 'Enter Purchase Id'
Go to you account login on our website, you hardware fingerprint should now be listed under your new Purchase Id.
click the 'Change' button next to

On the old machine, click the 'About' tab and then click the ‘Remove licence’ button and confirm that you want to remove the licence.
Install MsgSave on the new machine, enter your Purchase Id by clicking on the ‘Enter Purchase Id’ button in the Reminder window and make a note of your hardware fingerprint.
Then go to your account details page on our website (there is a link in the registration

Install MsgSave on the new machine, enter your Purchase Id by clicking on the ‘Enter Purchase Id’ button in the Reminder window and make a note of your hardware fingerprint.

Then go to your account details page on our website (there is a link in the registration email that you received when you purchased MsgSave)
Click the ‘Remove’ button next to your old hardware

In Trial mode MsgSave connects to our server every time it is used.
MsgSave connects to the internet at regular intervals to facilitate the licence management feature of the software. This is particularly useful to customers with multiple licences. It enables them to easily remove a licence from one machine and assign it to another. It also helps prevent fraudulent use of the software.


We no longer provide this facility.

No personal information is ever transmitted. The only data that is transmitted is data which is necessary to identify your machine, relevant dates and software version details.
Retrieving Saved Messages
You can sort emails using My Computer or Windows Explorer into date order or by originator or recipient etc without the need for Outlook as files have a filename which is configurable. e.g. 2003 12 03 16.32 - sender's name- recipient's name - subject text - custom text . MSG
Not Yet! Automatic scheduling is currently on our development list for a future version of MsgSave.
Simply drag and drop them into Outlook. Select the saved msg file(s) that you wish to restore from the windows directory they were saved in. Hold down the mouse button and drag them into the Outlook folder you want them in and release. They will then appear in that folder as normal email messages.
Yes. Any msg file can be copied back into Outlook and then, by running MsgSave, you can re-export files using your defined file naming convention.
Saving Messages
MsgSave creates an individual file for every email with the attachment inside so you can find a specific email from the comprehensive filename.
MsgSave saves messages into .msg or .txt format. As far as we are aware, you cannot save an email sent in html format to rtf and vice versa. In addition, saving emails to certain formats, such as html, does not incorporate any attachments. Since MsgSave is intended to automate the saving of multiple emails (all of which could be in different formats), we use the .msg and .txt formats because
MsgSave filenames can be customised for each email folder to include email details such as sent date, sent time, originators email address, recipients address, email subject, definable text field.
MsgSave can be configured to save each email folder to a specific location on disk. These can be on your Network server (via a mapped drive), PC or removable device such as USB memory, external hard disk etc.
Automatic saving of messages can be done with the Pro licence. All messages arriving in your Inbox and all messages that you send can be automatically saved to specified locations.

You need to import the messages back into Outlook and then save them again with the new naming options.

  • Create a temporary folder in Outlook.
  • Copy and paste (or drag and drop) the messages you want to rename into the temporary folder.
  • If you want to save the messages in the same location then move the original messages somewhere else (you can delete them once you are happy that the

Support and Maintenance
No. You get 30 days free support included with your first license purchase.
If you don’t have a support contract you can either opt to pay for support on a per incident basis and a quote will be given to fix the issue or you can pay for a support contract retrospectively.

The support contract includes:
- assistance with setup, registration and use of the software
- maintenance updates
- free upgrades to new major versions

Yes. Known bug fixes will be made available via the website to all users unless support for that version has been withdrawn due to release of a new version.
Old versions will be supported for 6 months after the release of a new version.
Yes, if you are not within your 30 day free support period.
No. The support contract is only valid if you have purchased support for all of your licences.

Sarcophagus™ Ltd The Plex, 15 Margaret Street, Wakefield, WF1 2DQ, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
UK Phone: 01924 925400

Sarcophagus Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number: 3780350
VAT number: 758536881

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